4 Ways to Repurpose Videos

Live video is undoubtedly the hottest new marketing tool to come along in a while. Apps such as Periscope and Zoom and now Facebook Live make it dead easy to anyone with a smart phone to grab their 15 minutes of fame. And if you’re consistent, personable, and have just a bit of luck, you might just find yourself with thousands of new fans and followers, all thanks to these short video events.

But if you know anything at all about marketing, then you know the last thing you want to do is create a piece of content that has a limited lifespan. After all, once that 15- or 30-minute event is over, it’s gone, right?


Depending on the platform you’re using, there are plenty of ways you can leverage that video to continue to attract an audience for months or even years to come.

1) Upload to YouTube (or Other Video Platforms)

The “big daddy” of video marketing, YouTube enjoys its status as the 2nd most searched website only—behind Google.com by only a slim margin.

Well-optimized videos can attract thousands or even millions of views, and help drive traffic to your website, your blog, your product pages, or even the landing page of your choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to profit again and again from the effort you put into creating video. Be sure to upload it to YouTube and:

  • Create a keyword-rich title
  • Craft a compelling description
  • Add a call to action

That’s it! Add this to your workflow for each of your live videos, and you’ll quickly build up a library of YouTube videos that drive traffic to your offers every day.

2) Repurpose It For Your Blog and Website Traffic

Sometimes you want to take the conversation out of Facebook or Google and interact on your website. Transcribing your videos into text is a great way to share the information on your blog. The best part is you can then link to the video to get visitors to go to your Facebook page!

  • Send it to a transcription service to transcribe into text (I use Temi.com)
  • Create an attractive blog image
  • Add the original video link to the blog post
  • Post on your platforms once the blog post is live

3) Turn that Blog Post Into Multiple Social Media Posts

Once you have written the blog post – break that down into smaller social media content posts that can link to the full blog article. Doing this will allow you to post smaller snippets of information to your social pages while still directing traffic to your original blog post (which then directs them back to your facebook video). You are creating a full circle of content and value for your followers. Repetition is key in marketing. Your followers and tribe need to hear the same things over and over to take action!

4) Share The Video With Your Facebook Groups for Additional Value Content 

So you created the Facebook live video on your profile or business page. You have only a certain number of followers or people that will engage with your content on there. Share your content with Facebook communities that you are part of, networking groups that you are part of and more! The best part is – they will be linked back to your Facebook page and hopefully interact with your page, other content, free offers and more!

5) Bonus! Take the Audio from the Video and use it as a podcast or audio snippets! 

Also, check out this video I did all about Simplifying your Content Marketing Process (See what I did there 😉 I linked a Facebook Video for you to head over to my page – I hope you follow because I will give you tons of value and content all about building your business systems!)


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