Episode 104. Podcast Rebrand! The Productivity Pod(cast) is Here

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You are listening to The Productivity Pod(cast). This isn’t your typical productivity podcast that puts more pressure on you to wake up at 5 am, work 12 hours a day, or check off a hundred tasks to be productive, successful, and happy. 

We are here to give you bite-size productivity and digital organizing hacks to create routines in your life and business that free up your time for family, more self-care, creativity & passion projects, boujee meals, travel, or whatever makes you happy.

The Productivity Pod(cast) is here to share quick tips, behind the scenes, stories, and guest interviews to show you how to create productive daily routines that allow you to make an impact in your zone of genius while creating the income and freedom that you crave in your personal life. 

We also have The Productivity Pod Community for even more support and accountability to create your life by design through routines and working smarter not harder. We have monthly office hours, a happy hour, and a coffee call to build your network too. Your network is your net worth!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Our new rebrand and why we changed it
  • What you can expect from future episodes of the podcast
  • How to join our free community (The Productivity Pod) and more

Quote from the Show: “We are really excited about the rebrand. We got a new name, we got a new cover photo, but we got the same great content.”

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