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Episode 35. Are You The Bottleneck?

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The first thing is to look at things differently and identify what’s your bottleneck, what’s holding you back? It doesn’t matter the size of your company; these same things can hold anyone back.
Common bottleneck locations:
1. Don’t have enough processes (usually smaller businesses)
2. Confusing processes, unclear or not detailed enough (for customers)
3. Poor communications, managing tasks (team and/or yourself)
4. Too much work, too few people
5. Lack of strategy or plan, what now?
6. Lack of focus, need a plan to achieve
Processes make training easier. If there are no processes in place, it can block creativity. If you don’t have a plan, you can’t expect anyone else to have one either. 
Areas to focus on to end the bottleneck:
B: Business development and growth
C: Client services
O: Operations & management
Write three main goals using BCO for a year overview, this will help you realize where your bottlenecks are in your company and stop getting in your own way.

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