Ep 43 Virtual Workspace Hacks

Episode 43. Virtual Workspace Hacks

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Working from home seems great and everyone wants to do it, until you realize it’s harder than it looks. Today is all about tips and tools to help you work efficiently from home!

My Favorites:

Zoom– A free app for video chatting communication with team members and friends (coffee meetings and even dinner parties)
Asana– A project management tool that helps virtually plan and assign tasks to team members
Voxer– Walkie-Talkie app, quicker communication than calling on the phone or email, with one or more team members
Google Docs/Drive/Slides/Sheets- Collaboration and updates on the same documents in real time
Brain FM– Free app that provides productive white noise/music to help concentration

More Tips:
Even when working from home, make sure to keep a schedule/routine
Use the Pomodoro method or stand up and take breaks (25 min on and 5 off)
Don’t forget to clean your inbox/files out, clear all the things you don’t need, it’s spring cleaning time!

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“ You need to have these tools in place to keep yourself organized and streamlined. ”

-Brittany Dixon

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