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Episode 67. Generating 3 Months Of Content Ideas In 40 Minutes

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Do you find yourself SOOO busy with everything going on in your business that you can’t find the time…..or the words……to write great content? It’s not all the uncommon and today’s episode is here to help!

Today we are going to give you tips for How to generate 3 months worth of content ideas in 40 minutes, and helping us is  Tracy Smith of Kitchen Table CEOs!

Tracy is the Founder of Kitchen Table CEOs

A one-stop-shop for women entrepreneurs that offers support, resources and articles on tons of topics to help grow a business and make daily life easier. Tracy Smith is a professional writer and brand strategist and loves helping small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their stories, reach their audiences and set themselves up for epic success.

Spoiler Alert!- Tracy content tips are awesome and can help get you out of your “content writer’s block” today!

Visit Tracy’s website- Kitchen Table CEOs: Online Resources for Women Entrepreneurs
To get “How to Write an About Me Page”….FOR FREE, Click HERE and use the promo code “aboutme” at checkout!

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