5 Ways Clutter is Hurting You More Than You Know

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The effects of clutter are more than just the physical clutter taking over your environment.

  • Clutter causes stress – this is the obvious one. When you see clutter in your home or business it can cause you to think about how much stuff still needs done, it can overwhelm you and cause you to be stressed about getting things done or not meeting deadlines or just “not having time” to do it.


  • Clutter could cause weight and health issues – clutter leads to stress which in turn leads to bad eating habits. When your environment is stressful you will do anything to cope with that stress and sometimes that means bad eating habits. Especially if your kitchen is an area of concern with clutter. If you don’t have systems and routines in place for meal planning and grocery shopping you could also be buying foods that are not so healthy or cooking unhealthy meals because they are faster and easier.


  • Clutter could also be jeopardizing your love life or social life – you could be isolating yourself because you have clutter every where and are embarrassed to have people over or just not have time and be too busy to not make time with friends or family. It could be causing stress between your spouse and yourself. It could cause arguments that could lead to other problems with your love life and social life too.


  • Parents who have bad organizing and productivity habits can inadvertently teach children bad habits early on that could cause problems later in life for them. If children grow up in a home of clutter, with a cluttered schedule and always being busy and late and running from place to place, forgetting things etc – They can take these habits throughout their young lives and into their adult lives. Children see what we do and they learn from it – which is good and bad but they do. So having good organizing and productivity habits early on will teach them good habits from the start that you can build on!


  • Clutter could be preventing you from getting more clients or getting a promo – Clutter decreases productivity which in turn could be costing your precious time that you could be bringing new clients in or getting a promotion at work. If you had streamlined systems in place for everything in your business you would save more time and then in turn be able to have more clients which means more income.

So we have determined that clutter isn’t just clutter. But how can you handle it when you just don’t know where to start!

Take it from a former professional home organizer and minimalist with twins – I know how to handle clutter. Schedule a call HERE and we can chat!


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