3 Part Time Management System

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Time management definition: the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work.

So why is this important? With all that we do day in and day out when it comes to work, home, a business, family management, social lives and more being organized and efficient is a necessity NOT a luxury.

So how do you manage your time effectively and get MORE DONE IN LESS TIME? How do you make things SIMPLE and not complicated?

Here are the three things that I must have in my Time Management System to make sure I get things done, keep track of when things are due and get things out of my head!

1) A digital calendar – Having a digital calendar (Google is my fav) allows you to know your schedule and add to your schedule anywhere and anytime. You can also share it with important people that need to see it.  Your spouse, a family member, a team member etc This will cut down on the time that you spend communicating back and forth asking when things are happening. Schedule repeat tasks on here, schedule planning time for big projects, schedule time for family things and more! Color coding takes it a step farther so you know which tasks are personal, which tasks are business etc.

2) A task/project management system – Having a digital task management system allows you to see you task list even if you are on the go. I use Trello to basically organize my life. I keep track of tasks, projects, things I want to do with my family, business information and more. I use the same color coding system in my task system, calendar, email and more so that the colors are consistent.

3) Repeat task/project checklists – You know those pesky tasks that have to be done repeatedly. The things you work on every January around the house, the seasonal tasks you have to/want to do, the chores you do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Anything that is done more than one time. Having a chart or checklist for these in place is amazing because it takes away from having to think about it each time. The more you get out of your head the better!

I share my Google calendar with my husband (mainly so he doesn’t ask me a million times what we are doing this week) I can share tasks and projects with my VA or clients if I need collaboration and I can post these checklists in the correct places that these tasks have to be done so that they are visible and easy to remember.

Need help putting together a system that works for you? I would love to have a quick chat and see what I can do to help! Schedule a FREE Fitting Call HERE.


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