EP. 10 Note-taking Productivity

Episode 10. Productivity Power Up: Note-taking Productivity

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Today’s Productivity Power Up is for all of you that love taking notes but get a little overwhelmed trying to keep them all compiled and organized in such a way you can access them right when you need them. I have found the magic of combining 3 tools: an Apple iPad with an Apple Pencil, an app called Good Notes, and Trello. 

The beauty of having all your notes on the iPad is that you can ditch all the random notebooks and scribbled notes you have laying around and create notebooks for every client or type of project in one place. Good Notes is an app you do have to pay for, but it is well worth the investment as it allows you to do things like turn your notes into text, take screenshots of your notes and load them all up to Trello in a heartbeat! Nothing is forgotten and everything has a place! 

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“This system has allowed me to make sure all my notes stay in one place, make sure nothing is forgotten and make sure all the stuff that I’m doing is contained. ”

-Brittany Dixon

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