Ep 39 Steal My Podcast Workflow

Episode 39. Steal My Podcast Workflow

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Here’s how to make your Podcast Creation Process a well-oiled machine:

Steps for Template (available for download):

1. Write down an outline for each episode

2. Create a title (a clever way to draw in the listener)

3. Record your podcast (I use audacity)

    • Save in multiple formats (MP3, Wave, Google Drive)
    • This helps the podcast editor

4. Publish episode and show notes (my editor’s job)

5. Promotion tasks (my job)

    • Social media promoting 

Social media is becoming more and more crowded and hard to stand out. You will find podcasts are easier for potential clients, repeat listeners

A quick system makes quick and efficient content for your podcast. The more content you can create, the more impact you have on your audience!

Download my Exact Podcast Workflow HERE 

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