Ep 48 5 Ways to attract your dream clients

Episode 48. Five Ways To Attract Your DREAM Clients

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Joining me this week is Carlee Marie. Carlee started her journey as a professional branding photographer; knowing the in’s and out’s of visual branding and the importance of it for businesses. But, after her immense frustration around social media “not working” for her visual brand as a photographer, she set out to find the “key” to leveraging and utilizing social media for business owners WITHOUT the pressure of having perfect imagery, oversharing their personal lives, or constantly posting selfies. Social media is much more than pretty photos and likes, it’s about building meaningful connections and attracting your DREAM clients by simply using an effective method. Carlee developed a system that helps other business owners create social media posts that land paying clients every week without the overwhelm around posting. This system lives within her mastermind group called the Social Money Cafe.

5 Ways to attract your DREAM clients on social media

1 – Know who you’re trying to attract in the first place

  • Identify your ideal client – describe them like they’re your BFF
  • System: Sticky note strategy on categories + topics

2- Be in the right places

  • Identify the best platforms to be on based on YOUR business, not being in #alltheplaces 
  • System: Make a list of all the platforms you feel like you need to be on, do the research for each to see who’s mostly on them etc. – Google is a very real and easy way to research – unless you haven’t systemized, outsourced, or streamlined all platforms – go all in on one. Then add

3- Post for them, not for you

  • Being selfless and SERVING your audience instead of always taking.
  • “Check in” – would your ideal client benefit, appreciate, or resonate from what you’re posting – you are speaking to one person here. 
  • Show up as a CREATOR, not a consumer
  • System: Ebb and flow (ebb is tide moving to land, flow is tide moving away) – create content when you’re inspired. 

4- Be a real person – not a billboard/salesman

  • Have normal conversations in DMs and in comments – be likable, relatable, and trustable. 
  • Show your journey, not the destination

5- Find a “Happy Medium” 

  • Not being too hard core on “sales”, or not too hard core trying to be an “influencer”
  • System: Put it on a scale Left wing Vs. Right wing type thinking 

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