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Episode 49. Vision To Launch

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My guest today are Jake and Ashley Ulkus who are online entrepreneurs, friends since high school, married for 13 years and parents to three very different, fun and challenging girls! 
Combined they have over 30+ years ​of marketing, branding, strategy and leadership experience… working for both national and international brands. Separately they have successfully coached and consulted for hundreds of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to large organizations.   
Over the past 7 years, Jake & Ashely have launched multiple businesses, agencies and online courses… quickly turning profits from each and successfully selling one.     
The traditional route wasn’t really for them…we discovered that they could use our knowledge and experience to successfully build OUR own dream vs. slaving away to build someone else’s.  So they got busy creating and never looked back.
They found they were living by “We need the next client now!”. They discovered working on a course route; they would have more flow and creates a consistent revenue stream and get off the finding the next client rollercoaster. They also realized they could build a list of clients. Developing a course is the fastest way to establish a business.
Critical steps to launching your course:
1) Decide: Make a choice you want to do this
2) Get Help: Leveraging others to help you so you can get content online so you can get the course online. 
3) Get A Plan: Make a list of what to do to make this course happen by a deadline. Build the list as a daily task list.
To connect with Jake & Ashley Ulkus
If you are ready to work ON your business instead of IN your business (and stop letting things fall through the cracks) 
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