Declutter Your Schedule

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Your time is important, especially as an entrepreneur.

It isn’t enough that you have to figure out how to maximize the time you spend on your business, but you want to have as much intentional time as possible with your family.

I know this because I’m the same way. We don’t want to be on our phones dealing with work stuff telling the kids “Mommy will be there in a minute!”

If you’re feeling that struggle, then you need to declutter your schedule, like yesterday.

But, Brittany, my schedule is jam-packed with all of the things that I need to do for my family and business. I don’t even have time for self-care.

Let’s take some steps today to fix that. You DESERVE self-care and you CAN have a schedule that is productive AND intentional.

1) Take a look at what you do every day and what you can cut out or delegate. Do you spend 15 minutes before picking your kids up, small talking with the other moms? Sit in your car for 10 of those minutes and do some email or social media catchup. OR do you spend 30 minutes trying to catch up with social media and have a presence when a virtual assistant could do that for you in half the time? That’s 30 minutes you could spend on your zone of genius.

2) Block your time. Instead of setting aside time every day to write content, promote content, do back end management, cook dinner, wash the clothes. etc. Set aside a solid block of time, even naming each day for the focus – Meal Plan Sundays, Marketing Mondays, Back-End Tuesdays, etc.

3) Set intentions. Take the time (now that you’ve delegated and blocked your time) to set intentions for your month, week and day. What THREE things will you get done this week? What goal or feeling do you want to capture for the week? What is a nonnegotiable goal that needs to be met this month? Structuring your schedule with intentions gives you something to hold onto and will become a habit. You’ll soon realize how much more time you have now that you are being intentional and have decluttered your schedule.

Bonus: Don’t be afraid to outsource! If cleaning isn’t your thing, hire a housecleaner. Use a meal prep service or dog walkers. Invest in your time and you will see an amazing return on that investment.

What areas are you struggling with in your schedule? Do you lack routine or spend most of your time winging it? (Motherhood and biz life, not your eyeliner, because you don’t have time to figure that out).

Schedule a FREE Fitting Call with me so that we can figure out how to get you to be more productive! 


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