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Episode 51. How To Be Productive During Overwhelming Times

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We’re diving back into Season Three of the Process for Profit Show! 

We are so excited to be back to give you all the strategies, systems and support for running your business and not letting it run you!

I have some really amazing guests lined up this season that I cannot wait to share them with you so make sure you subscribe and get all the notes here and on my blog. 

So today I want to dive into the topic of Productivity during overwhelming times.

So we all know that 2020 has been interesting to say the least. 

Maybe you have continued business as usual or maybe things have come to a screeching halt for you. I am hoping at the time of this recording that some things are getting back to normal. However, how do we stay productive during overwhelming times? 

I want to first start off by saying that even though I am the Systems & Productivity Queen (the name others have given me not myself) I have been struggling HARD CORE during these past 4-6 months. 

In January I was dealing with a client issue that resulted in a huge legal/financial battle.  In February I dealt with a lot of mindset issues around that legal issue thinking that I wasn’t good enough to do this business. By March I was finally getting back to a place that I was ready to dive in and get back to business and then the Coronavirus hit and it all went downhill. April came and I was dealing with home school and being home with the kids 24/7 while running a business. 

By the time May was here I was tapping out of homeschool and treading water keeping up with business, clients and the house. We finally got back on track in June and back to “somewhat normal”

But during all of that, I was still pretty productive and still made forward momentum towards goals. How did I do it? 

Systems that were in place before things got crazy. This is why systems and processes are SO important during times of change. 

Here are the different things that helped:

  1. Asana – Personal and Business tasks and projects
  2. Alexa – Grocery list and dinner ideas list
  3. 3 P’s of Productivity – Go check out that episode – end of day routine
  4. Digital Workspace setup
  5. Inbox Detox – My Email management system

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