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Episode 50. How to Scale Your Business With Media Features

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Joining me today is Publicity for Good CEO and Founder Heather De Santis. Heather is best known for being a rising name in public relations. What most people don’t know is that she does it all while on the road, from a 23-foot AirStream. She manages a 15 strong team from all over the world and oversees an impressive roster of clients all over the world. Her nomadic lifestyle and disruptive, results-focused, and client-centric approach to public relations has allowed her to break down geographic barriers, deliver real, personalized service to clients located all over the US, and grow her agency–all the while allowing her to travel and pursue her and her fiancé’s dream of building a 100-acre homestead for their future family. 

She believes in using media to build your business and build your dream.  

Things you need to know:

You need to know your mission. What is the vision for your company

Mistakes that people make:

  1. Over publicizing your business
  2. Failing to know what your audience wants to hear from you.
  3. Not following up after you have a media release. If you don’t get a response, keep trying!

Heather hires business coaches that help her create processes so her business can run without requiring her to put out daily fires with her employees. 

Heather prefers focusing on the end result than the tasks. She also recommends that you focus on work with clients you enjoy working with.

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